Henties Bay Aerosol Observatory (HBAO)

The long-term ground-based HBAO operations are based on autonomous, robust instrumentation operating continuously, to document the seasonal, annual and interannual variability of the aerosol concentrations and type in the area

Parameter Instrument Frequency and time resolution Period
Mass concentration TEOM (model 1405, R&P) continuous, 5-min 2012-
Black carbon concentration Aethalometre (Model AE-1, Magee Inc) continuous, 5-min 2012-2016
Aerosol scattering coefficient 3-lambda nephelometer (Model 3596, TSI Inc) continuous, 5-min 2015-
Aerosol size distribution Aerodynamic Particle Sizer spectrometer Model 3321, TSI Inc) continuous, 5-min 2015-
Aerosol sampling Partisol (Model 2205, Thermo Inc) Bi-daily, 24-h 2015-
Ozone mixing ratio UV-Analyser (Environment SA) continuous, 5-min 2012-
Wind speed and direction Meteorological station (Vaisala) continuous, 1-min 2012-
AOD and column optical properties Sunphotometer (CIMEL, AERONET/Photons) continuous, 5-min 2011-